Megan’s Mammogram

How did you first learn that you needed a mammogram?

I first learned that I needed a mammogram during a routine exam; my doctor noted a small mass in my breast that we both agreed wasn’t normal. Because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, my physician was persistent in encouraging me to get a mammogram. At first, I refused to believe it might be cancer. It didn’t hurt and hadn’t moved, but I wasn’t really sure what it might be.

My mother was ultimately the determining factor in deciding to pursue a mammogram because of her own battle with breast cancer. It was very scary for me and my family to watch my mother get diagnosed with breast cancer and go through treatment, but I can’t image what might have happened had she not gotten that life-saving mammogram so many years ago.

If you could say anything about your mammogram experience, what would it be?

Getting a mammogram and biopsy is terrifying – for any woman – but it’s important to make sure that you are well. You could save your life. I was inspired to share my experience because of Tiffany Henry, Fund Administrator for the Breast Center Mammography Fund.  I was so impressed with her throughout my entire experience. She was professional, caring, and supportive. She walked me through the whole process of obtaining a mammography and made me incredibly comfortable. I truly appreciate everything that she did for me – it’s not something that you want to go through alone.

What does Phelps Health Foundation mean to you?

Phelps Health Foundation is incredible! If it wasn’t for Tiffany, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I had an amazing support system throughout the whole process. I appreciate everything that Phelps Health Foundation did for me and what I’ve seen them do for other people in the community.

Without Phelps Health Foundation, I may have waited to receive a potentially life-saving mammogram and subsequent biopsy.

For more information about our Breast Center Mammography Fund, please contact Tiffany Henry, Fund Administrator, at (573) 458-3108 or