How You Support the Greatest Needs Fund

Without your support for the Greatest Needs Fund, Phelps Health Foundation could not have provided for one of our own employees within Environmental Services.

This individual took in four children related to him after they and their parents were in a severe car accident, which left their father deceased and two of the children in critical condition. This employee already had 3 of his own children, and the family was under financial pressure due to mounting bills while traveling to Springfield to visit the children every day at the hospital. The Greatest Needs Fund stepped in and paid for their housing bills in order to get the family back on track and allowed them to focus on caring for their 7 children.

In the summer of 2016, the Greatest Needs Fund provided for another family driving from Oklahoma who was victim of a severe car accident on I-44. It had recently rained in the area and when their vehicle overturned it went into a ditch filled with water. Since their vehicle was submerged in water, many of their belongings were destroyed. The mother was in critical condition and transported to Phelps Health. When the mother was then transported to Springfield for additional care, the Greatest Needs Fund provided transportation to take the father and children to the hospital. The Greatest Needs Fund allowed the family to stay in a hotel for the night after the accident and purchased a go phone in order to communicate with family back home. In addition, the fund provided visa gift cards and clothing for the family since they would stay at the hospital for several days. Unfortunately the mother passed away from her severe injuries, but the Greatest Needs Fund was able to provide comfort and basic needs for the family during a difficult time.

Overall, the Greatest Needs Fund allows Phelps Health Foundation to help patients and those in need for a variety of reasons when qualifying referrals do not fit within another fund category. In the past, the fund has supported the purchase of gas cards, air conditioners, prescription support, in-home oxygen therapy and even iPads to support stroke victims and their communication. Supporting the Greatest Needs Fund allows Phelps Health Foundation to continue to help those who may otherwise not receive the assistance they need.

For more information on the Greatest Needs Fund or to make a donation, please contact Marsha Rana Wayman, CFRE, at (573) 458-7946 or