Donor Profile – Rolla Lions and Lioness Club

A few members of the Rolla Lions and Lioness Club gather at their local Lions Den in Rolla, MO.

What is the mission of the Rolla Lions Club and Rolla Lioness Club?

Our mission is “we serve.” We serve to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement.

What connection does the Rolla Lions Club and Rolla Lioness Club have with the Phelps Health Foundation?

The Rolla Lions Club was founded in 1935, and in 1947 donated a large portion of the land for the initial constructions of the original building of Phelps Health (previously Phelps Regional Medical Center).

Why did you decide to choose Phelps Health Foundation as one of the organizations you support?

The Foundation does the same thing we do. You serve the community; you help those that are in need. We like to help those that are in genuine need. All of your programs support people here in our community.

It changes your whole perspective whenever your family is in need, and Phelps Health Foundation is able to step in and help those families, whether it’s through the Hospice Fund, Joy of Caring Cancer, or another fund.

What does philanthropy mean to the Rolla Lions Club and Rolla Lioness Club?

We are an organization that does a lot for the community as part of our philanthropy. We support the community through scholarships, service projects, or even just our Christmas in the Park.  It’s all about helping people in our community.

How do you think more people can become engaged in the community?

It starts young. Each individual person should have to go spend time at the Rolla Mission, spend time in a nursing home, or a day at the Phelps Health Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI) with patients; it will show you what is needed in our community. Show them there is a need for the Rolla Lions Club and Rolla Lioness Club and other nonprofits. There is more to life than cell phones and Facebook.

What can get people more engaged at a younger age?

Make it fun! We try and make it a family affair. We do dinners, trivia nights, and other fun projects. We are always taking new members. We want more young members to join who bring that time and energy.